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Site promotion in the ru-Net (Yandex,, Google, Aport, Rambler)

Site promotion by a group of key phrases into the top ten/five of the main ru-Net search engines. Only the clean methods. Spam, cloaking, fake visitors, etc unclean methods excluded.


$300/month and up

Promotion of a bilingual site in the leading search engines

Ideal for those, who decided to seriously take to e-business and advertise their goods or services in all the areas of the world. A good opportunity to attract investors and gain additional profit.


$500 and up

Site optimization, up to 5 – 8 pages

An indispensable part of project promotion. Optimization includes the work on the content of your project, creation of the semantic core, correction of the program code, design, and creation of meta tags according to the advices and requirements of search engines. A well optimized site is a quality site.



Creation of the site content (both in Russian, and in English)

The notional content of the site is an integral part of any project. It is more and more often, that algorithms of search engines give preference to web sites with competent and unique content. It is highly important to take into account not only the text of separate pages, but also the project in the whole.


$15/page and up

Site registration in our own database of catalogues and search engines (approx. 800 entries)

A rather indispensable service for projects, which are only starting their life in the Internet. Registration of your site in catalogues provides the initial force to the site, allows to increase its link popularity, Topic Popularity Index, page ranking (PR), attracts additional visitors and improves the site standings in search engines.



Turnkey site development (programming, design, content, optimization)

We provide the "Turnkey site development" service, which includes the creation of the site itself: programming, design, content, and optimization, and also promotion of the project in search engines with further support.


$600 and up

Hourly work on the project promotion, consultations by experts


Site promotion in the English-speaking systems (Google, Yahoo, MSN)

Promotion of sites for the international market. Be that IT business or tourism, we will help you to become well-known in the largest area of the Internet and attract the interested visitors from the European countries, America and Australia.


$300/month and up

Increasing of the site link popularity (link exchange)

Link exchange with topical resources, installation of our own software, manual check-up and processing of the links to your site. Only quality partner resources.


$1.5/link and up

Context advertisement

Placing of context advertisements in the Yandex, Rambler,, Aport, Google search engines. Your text message will be displayed only for those key phrases, which you choose yourself, after a preliminary consultation with our experts.


5 cents/visitor and up

Site after-promotional support

Site support after the stages of creation and promotion. Maintaining of the site on high rankings of search engines, updates with new information.


$150/month and up

Site creation
Site content
Site optimization
Registration in catalogues
Link exchange
Context advertisement
Site promotion
Site support

I have utilized the services of the company twice and I’m absolutely satisfied with the results I have received.
It is always nice to work with people, who are not only able to promise something, but to get it done on schedule.

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