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Main stages of the work on the project, which comprise the "Site Promotion" service

1. Full analysis of competitors in this business domain

At the customer's request, we provide a full report on the competition in this sector of business, with a full list of addresses of competitive sites, their current standings, occurrence in search engines. A project promotion plan is proposed, and a development forecast and the necessary requirements are stated.

2. Composition of the project's semantic core

Composition of a list of key phrases for the project promotion, proceeding from phrase popularity among users, and statistics of the Yandex and Rambler search engines. Check-up of the correspondence of separate phrases to the content of the site and the services, provided on it. Selection of the phrases, which describe your domain of activities in the most precise way with the purpose of securing the best proportion of visitors vs. clients. The selection of key phrases is a very important phase in site promotion, which influences the number and the quality of visitors, which came to your site.

3. Design correction and layout

It is often happens so, that a customer's site is made not quite professionally, or certain peculiarities of working with search engines were not taken into account.

4. Site optimization. Partial content composition by a professional copyrighter.

Analysis of the project structure, its usability (we assess the convenience of navigation, the correct placement of components), analysis of the project program code, elimination of possible errors with the purpose of increasing the friendly aspect of the project as to indexing by search engines and increasing of the project indexing speed. This stage may include:

  • creation of the site map;
  • elimination of dynamic non-indexable pages of the site and creation of pseudo-static ones (.html-pages);
  • creation and modification of the page headers, meta tags, Titles, Keywords, Descriptions;
  • creation of the robots.txt file;
  • partial creation of the site content, as mutually agreed with the customer.


5. Installation of our own software on the site, and its support

Installation of a script for the operation of a link-exchange catalogue with sites of similar topics. Harmonization of the overall site design with the design of the pages for link exchange.

6. Registration of the site in our unique database of catalogues and sites, including our own projects

We have a unique database of resources, which allows to increase the link popularity of projects, gives it an initial impulse on the path of the difficult promotion process. These are quality resources, no links from guestbooks, doorways, etc. manual registration without spam.

7. Topical link exchange with other sites on all the stages of the project promotion

This is one of the most important stages in site promotion. The quality of partner sites and the way the link to your site is provided influences a considerable part of the site success, its long-term and stable ranking among the top tens of search engines.

8. Site registration in the prominent catalogues (Dmoz, Yandex, etc), toplists, message boards.

A correct registration in such catalogues as Dmoz, Yandex is extremely important. The Yandex and Google search engines attach great importance to the fact if your site is registered in the above catalogues. What is important is not only the link text, but also the description of the resource itself. The Rambler search engine gives a project a good rank, if it is registered in the Rambler Top100 list.

9. Online support of the project by a dedicated expert

During the day, you may contact an expert of our company and solve any current issues and consult him in case if necessary.

10. Daily/monthly reports on the performed works and the results

During the project promotion, we provide daily or monthly written reports to you, as mutually agreed, on the works performed. A report may include: the number of introduced links to the site, URLs of links, quality increase of the Topic Popularity Index of the site, the PR of pages, reports on ranking progress in different search engines, information on the number of visitors of the site, etc.

11. The result

Site creation
Site content
Site optimization
Registration in catalogues
Link exchange
Context advertisement
Site promotion
Site support

I have utilized the services of the company twice and I’m absolutely satisfied with the results I have received.
It is always nice to work with people, who are not only able to promise something, but to get it done on schedule.

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