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1. Which methods do you implement for site promotion?

Let us assure you that we do not practice spamming, cloaking, fake visitors. Our methods of site promotion are based on optimization of the project program code, the site structure and content, and also increasing of the site link popularity (link exchange with sites, dedicated to similar topics), and tracking of operating algorithms of search engines.

2. What are the guarantees that my site will be the first in ranking of search engines?

We do not target at the first positions strictly. Our effort is directed at the site inclusion into the top ten of search engine rankings by keyword, and obtaining of permanent and highest standings there. In addition to all of the above-mentioned, we provide our services with a payment for the obtained results. There id no 100% guarantee, and it cannot be provided at all. We depend on search engines, and their algorithms are constantly changing and are kept top secret. If somebody gives you a 100% guarantee of the first rank by the average competitive query, we advise you to abstain from such propositions.

3. How long can a site promotion last?

In the average, the site promotion stage depends on the site itself, its competitiveness in the given domain of activities, and lasts 3 – 4 months until it is fully completed. In case if the site is small, its promotion may take 1 – 2 months, if the competition is not too high.

4. What does the promotion cost depend on?

The promotion cost depends on the amount of works, needed to obtain the desired standings; also, the cost depends on:

  • the initial site state (the degree of professionalism in the design, program code, the initial standings of the site);
  • desired rankings in search engines;
  • competitiveness in the site’s section of business;
  • number of search engines and key phrases;
  • the search systems you choose;
  • the urgency of the project completion.


5. How can I control the site promotion stages?

We propose monthly or weekly reporting on the works performed, on the standings progress in search engines, popularity progress of the site/pages (Topic Popularity Index, PR).

6. What is going to be with my site after the promotion stage?

Of course, the site needs constant support in order to always be one of the top. We provide the services of supporting your site on the desired positions within an agreed-upon period after the promotion stage.

7. What are the prices for your services and means of payment?

We do not pretend that our site promotion services are cheap. Our prices for site promotion start at $300 per month, the prices for the site support after the promotion stage start at $150 per month.

We support 2 means of payment:

  1. Payment in 3 stages:
    - prepayment in the amount of 20 – 30% of the order cost;
    - preliminary results (as a rule, this is the presence of your site in top 30 of search engines);
    - third stage: after the site promotion is completed.

  2. Each month in equal parts. Includes thorough monthly reports on the works done and results obtained.
We accept payments by bank wire transfers, and also through Western Union, Web Money, Unistream, Anelik, and other systems.


8. What does the promotion price include?


  • web site program code and design optimization;
  • web site content optimization, if necessary, site text composition/correction by a professional copyrighter, as agreed upon by both the parties;
  • installation and usage of our own site promotion software; if necessary, installation of a link exchange catalogue for exchange of links with sites of similar topics
  • topical link exchange on all the stages of site promotion;
  • registration of the site in our own database of catalogues, search engines, message boards, which makes additional traffic and increases link popularity;
  • site development using the PagePromouter and SEO Monitor commercial applications;
  • reports on the work done;
  • daily online site support;
  • the result!


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I have utilized the services of the company twice and I’m absolutely satisfied with the results I have received.
It is always nice to work with people, who are not only able to promise something, but to get it done on schedule.

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