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Is it possible to give a 100% guarantee of the result to be achieved?

For those of you who do net know much about Internet advertising services, we would like to pinpoint the things, which one could guarantee to his clients, and those, which one cannot.



  1. All top positions in all search engines
    • The Internet is not a static thing. And your competitors are not going to sit and wait while you are doing some dough. It is not an exception, when a competitor company also uses Internet advertising services or creates a network of about 10 sites or even more in order to get the highest ranks.

    • Search engines often change their operational algorithms, which are kept top secret. A change in a search engine operational algorithm may affect the top rankings of your project.

    • Site drop-down, issues related to hosting companies. Your site or a part of it may be dropped out of the index base of search engines, a reason for that may be a temporal stoppage of the internet server, where you site is hosted.

    • Force majeure circumstances: energy shortages, Acts of God, etc

  2. 100% top three position for a highly competitive query

    Examples of highly competitive queries: air conditioner, research report, etc.

    • The reasons are the same: competitive companies, search engines, outside obstacles.

  3. Long-term (6+ months) high site standings after the promotion stage
    • The reasons are still the same.




  1. Presence of your site in the top ten of previously agreed upon search engines, when searched by keywords that are included in the agreement.

  2. Usage of only the ‘clean’ methods of optimization and promotion, without any usage of spam, cloaking, fake Topic Popularity Index, PR, etc.

  3. Exclusion of situations, when your site is banned.

    A ‘ban’ is a situation, when a search engine bans your site (for usage of spam or ‘unclean’ project promotion methods) and the search engine refuses to find your site.

  4. Provision of a certain amount of links to the site.

  5. Exclusion of participation of your site in automatic systems of link exchange, which may adversely affect its standings.

  6. Increasing of the number of target visitors, who came both from search engines, and from topic resources.

  7. High professionalism of Internet advertisement, design and programming services.


The Promobot company consists of a highly coordinated team, the main goal of which are quality Internet promotion services. We may do even the impossible, we just need a bit more time for this.


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I have utilized the services of the company twice and I’m absolutely satisfied with the results I have received.
It is always nice to work with people, who are not only able to promise something, but to get it done on schedule.

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